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HTV placement tool

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Tools to help you with placement of your HTV on shirts and sweaters!

This file is made to be used with a projector.
You get fast and accurate placement of your HTV by simply projecting the layer of your choice onto the tshirt of your liking.
All layers can be combined. So if you want the center line and the placement for an Adult shirt select those two layers. But if you want to make absolutly sure the print is aligned square, grab the layer with 1 cm/inch too and see if you are aligned to perfection.
Yes you read that right! Grids can be selected in inch and in cm.

Within the file you wil find:

  • Grid in 1 and 5 inch
  • Grid in 1 and 10 cm
  • Center line
  • 45 degree angled lines
  • Alignment front and back placing HTV of:
         Adult round and V-neck
  • Pocket htv placing

Are you looking for the rulers too? Take a look at the complete file here


Have fun creating! 

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