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Do you have a beautifull hank lying in your home? Or want to purchase some gorgeous handdyed yarn but not sure how to knit with it? Look no further, I'll explain to you how to get started with it!

If you start knitting with a hank of wool right of the hank it most likely will end up in a big pile of what we call yarn barf. A big messy pile of loops and knots which can take several hours to untangle or even gets thrown away.

This tangled mess is easily preventable by winding the yarn into a ball or wind it into a cake before using it.

There are tools if you plan on buying more hanks then just one that make your life much easier and that are not realy that expensive. Look into a woolwinder/yarnwinder and a yarn swift if you plan to go that route. But I think if you want to use it more often you didn't end up here to look what to do so I am going to explain a methode without any tools.

What you need:
Wool                        | A hank of wool
Tools                       | Hands, feet, knees or even the back of a chair
                                optional tools: woolwinder and yarn swift

* Make sure the wool is spread out in a nice circle in front of you.

* To not get the wool tangled it needs a bit of tension. You could do that with a yarnswift, or with the hands of a victim around you. Are you alone or nobody wants to act like a swift? No problem! You can get yourself comfy on the couch and place the yarn around your feet or knees to keep the tension needed on the yarn.
   The back of 1 or 2 chairs can also be of help. Be creative and maybe you find an even better way.
   Make sure the hank is not twisted to make the unwinding easier.

* There are different little ropes around the skein. Carefully snap the rope/yarn that has just two ends (there can be more then one).

* Snap the last rope/yarn that has four/4 ends. This is the point where you start winding your ball of yarn or start making your cake.

* Get the start around your fingers for about 20 times

* Fold it double

* Wind the little ball by going over a different spot every time making it nice and round

* Don't pull too hard on the yarn as the wool likes a little bit of relaxed winding. (would you like to be realy tight in a ball for a longer period of time ;)

* Look at it as a relaxation exercise. Take your time and befor you know it you can start knitting!

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