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A little while back I was choosen to test a pattern for Titchy Threads. It was the Quadrant Sweatshirt.

A very versatile sweater that you can make almost any way you like! Pockets with a zipper, kangaroo pocket or no pockets at all... Cool elbow patches or nice details on the shoulders? You name it and it it there. So as you can imagine I was enthousiastic from the beginning!



The pattern is available in English as a pdf download. You can print the files or use the projetor file. There is a very clear tutorial that helps you every step of the way with lots of cool illustrations to provide you with all the support you'll need. And if you are already a little more advanced or if you already made the sweater before there is a little cheat sheet with only the steps to take to make your gorgeous sweater.

For my first test sweater I found a little piece of ocher fabric with arrows on it. It was gathering dust for a very long time and never knew what to make with it. But this time I found some nice contrasting dark blue with it and started printing. Ready, set and go!

As said the steps provided to make this sweater a succes are plenty. So even if you are a beginner I think you can finish any of the combinations with succes. Just follow the steps and read before you do anything and you should be good to go. I am very experienced in sewing, so next time I will use the cheat sheet for even faster finishing. I love the way the tutorial is written and the steps taken are very logical.

My son loved the sweater, with thumbholes and kangeroo pocket so much that he precticaly begged me to make another. Lucky for him I had just found the perfect French Terry on the market and a projector at our online marketplace. So off I went with new fabric and a totaly new method of getting the pattern on the fabric. I will write another blog about that but boy it worked great! And fast! And so much better with growing kids.

As asked forby my son, this sweater has the thumbholes and a hoodie. No elbow or shoulder patches this time and to big grief of my son no kangaroo pocket. I mean, It would be a waste to put a pocket on the great print and with the projector I could easily see that even the zip pockets would not work with this fabric.

The pattern is not only very versatile in options, also in size range! For boys and girls from total newborn to 12Y is provided in just one pdf file! The PDF is layered so just print or project the size you need.

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